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Design Thinking is a methodology focused on the end user’s needs. The iterative cyclic process of DT identifies the desires of the target group, which they may not even be aware of.



The most important feature of DT is collaboration in interdisciplinary groups. The effects of collaborative teamwork lead to creating and testing prototypes of innovative solutions. This is made possible thanks to multistage process which consisting of: thorough analysis of needs, defining problems and gathering ideas for possible solutions, rapid prototyping (concepts, visualisation, 3D printing). One can see different aspects of a given problem thanks to the commitment of teams working at each stage of the project. As a result the final solution is usually very innovative.

In DT there is no such thing as a bad ideas, even those which might seem less accurate can stimulate other members of the team to look at the problem from a totally different perspective. Every thought should be documented so one can easily expand it or return to it in next stages of the process. The great advantage of Design Thinking is creating interdisciplinary teams consists of specialists from various fields, to work on a comprehensive solution. By looking from different points at the same problem, it is possible to avoid many difficulties with the subsequent implementation of a solution. This approach allows to merge even distant ideas.

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