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The creation of workspace designed to fulfill needs to implement the design thinking methodology started in 2013. In 2012, Dorota Bociąga (PhD), inspired by her experiences at Stanford University, started the initiative to create a design thinking workspace at TUL. Through her efforts the DT4U Laboratory has been located at the Mechanical Faculty - Factory of Engineers of the XXI century, one of the most modern facilities of Lodz University of Technology. A 120 square meter space is fully devoted to solving engineering problems in a creative way. Together with other DT4U members (including Top500 alumni and students), along with  financial and personal support from the vice-rector for Education, Professor Slawomir Wiak, she managed to adapt and equip the room for the purpose of implementing projects through DT methodology.

The room has separated zones in accordance with the provisions of DT process conduction, as well as it has some space for individual work. Positive stimulation of the imagination provide the warm colors of the walls and the interior of the whole class. In order to provide a comfortable place to work for everobody, in this room standard chairs and stools are accompanied with comfy sofas and puffs.



In the DT4U workspace, according to the idea of work with DT methodology, it is necessary to store a lot of ideas, hence the abundance of whiteboards and movable, transparent boards is present. To maximize the available working space, one can even write on the appropriately prepared fragments of walls.

An inherent aspect of the DT is prototyping hence for that pupose, the prototyping area with abundance of materials is also an essential part of the DT4U workspace. Additionally, room is equipped with a 3D printer to quickly realize all the ideas.

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